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Naturally beautiful

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The beautiful ones are not yet born. That is a false statement that the mind of my understanding could not coercive yet. It is not real to my deeper sight. Beauty is born, but the fullness of it, is a character expression- a true quality of a good woman- that the world seek daily.
A beautiful girl is a virtue girl, a girl who knows her stand. So, when they say beautiful ones are not yet born, it means virtue girls are not available on earth, but they are. Only her Kings know where to find her. There are many beauties outside, but the fullness can only be a discovery by the one she is meant for.
Welcome to another episode of SEARCHLIGHT- your number fairytale channel that sweetens your heart. I am Solove Solomon
One thing about beauty that wows me is the level of confidence that goes with it. Anytime I remember this one here, something tells me that she is naturally beautiful. She carries the whole qualities that not even my wide range imagination can describe her nature. She is refine and purified as an angel sent from paradise.
I was opportune to capture her image in my helpless mind-screen as nature takes a whole of her. A mere looking at her, you can see in her that virginity-a symbol that defines youthfulness of a woman- represents the saint. Its runs and flows in her like honey from its comb. From her hair to the toes of her feet is prescribed by her creator as originality.
Mimi oh Mimi! Where is thou stand in the midst of many that the world has not come to discover that you are beauty-full? That was the rhetorical question that filled my mind immediately I saw her.
Her well cut virgin hair makes her differ from other girls and unique in nature, couple with her chocolate complexion, in which she radiate in as the true symbol of an Africa modesty.
The twinkly of her eyes are like droplets of sunrise that blaze in attraction and full of passion. ‘Hi’, I manage to say as I perused her to see if she’s shy, but no, not at all. She looks into my eyes straight down, which makes me uncomfortable and overweight heartedly. The spot on her is a beauty mark and not acnes, because it defines her beauty.
‘Hi!’ She finally said. Wow, my heart skip breathing as her word drop like a babyish looking girl who is here to catch fun. The conversation opens. Not minding her diction as my gaze was fixed on her flexible pomo lips. So pure and captivating that I envisage the taste dropping down my throat like a baby satisfactorily enjoying the sweetness of her mother’s breast.
Her cool sexy smile was full of energy that replenish the weakness of the soul that I immediately beginning to imagine myself on a bendel kneel begging her to bless me with it, forever.
As her words dropped smoothly and carefully without any harm, I could hear her, but her voice faint into the air as my eyes rolls down her chest. Her Arsenals stood high and proud, facing me as a target in a battle field. They look young, energetic and untouched. You can proudly tell that the day of her youth is blessed without compromise.
I woo her confidently and she responded understandably and clearly. Yes! My heart skip for joy as an insipid smile escaped my lips. What did I say that make her said yes? That I thought as I got closer to her. The pureness of her beauty open and flows out of her like the lovely Osun spring. I was careful not to ruin my new happiness as I quietly held her hands. Nervousness overtook me.
She understands as she quickly put her right hand on my cheek, “its ok”, she said. As she gently robs her right hand on my cheek, I felt at peace like an ice water was pouring on me. I was relieved. Then she whisper in my ear as she hug me, “let it out, my love”. I felt completely whole again on the closeness of her Arsenal to my flatten chest. My bones restored strength.
The passion in us was superb as I eavesdropped into her breathe. We quietly trying to let go, but our lips maneuvered as they meet. So flexible and pleasurable like the taste of red wine.
The ecstasy that flows in, as our lips quietly and smoothly move around each other’s, was better than red wine because it was deeply express and could not be left half-felt. I could felt the joy in heaven as they celebrate us. Perfect, yes, this is perfect. Nothing could mean the world to me at that moment because I was on-top of the world.
We both parted our lips in a way that sexy can still be seen as romantic as we express our passion in eyes to eyes contact. There was silence everywhere. All I want to hear was the voice of early morning lark, but its evening and they can’t be found. “I love you”, I manage to break the silence. Her eyes became brighter than the sun.
It as if she has been waiting to hear me say that. With no hesitation, she said, “I love you more” as she turned around to leave, but her heart was burning of passion for love that she just could not leave. She gently turns around and made a sprinter race, without any fear of elimination. I caught her in my arms as we elevated into the atmosphere of love. Nothing else matter as she softly and warmly kissed me with a real kiss that is almost desperate. It was long enough to eradicate loneliness.
Quietly we parted, leaving feeling elevated as she weaved in good night. I was a bit devastated that she left because I wanted to be with her forever, but then I realize I will have to wait, long enough, for that to happen.
Silently I watched her swing along like a pussy cat. Her backside is something you can refer to as something pleasurable. Not too big and not too small, but can cause butterfly rummy in your stomach.
Later on that day, she called to explain why she left for home. It was not for any reason. Not everyone wants to go beyond that on the first day like that. She dimly apologize and asked that we meet the next day.
After her call that evening, I quietly sat on the backholy feeling the cool breeze blowing it hammateric status as I gently watched the moon that gladly chase the sun to it hidden place. I love the moon, most especially, it silent slid behind the cloud; it’s lost in the misty cloud and its brightness to the world. It’s a sign of happiness and relieve to my soul. But always go along with memory and style.
Mimi didn’t know how much I felt to be kissed on the very first day of our relationship. She thought that she was being selfish to have let me go like that. She never meant to, all she wanted was to hug me anyway, long and hard. She wanted her lips buried into mine in a real kiss, soft and warm forever.
I felt the same way too, but frankly speaking, my face was not reflecting my heart nor expressing my mood. All that I was thinking was how youthfulness was able to express such a good maturity in thought and emotion. I had dated before, but I have never seen her level of maturity, which drove me into confusion and amazement.
I tried to find sleep that night, but I could not. I felt heavily overweight heartedly and my heart pound helplessly as if I was just been heartbroken.
Unending fears stomp my mind and my soul was bitter and sour at the same time. My emotion seems so disturbing and my body was cold. All I could remember was words from the holy book which says “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul……. ”. as I was residing that part of the holy book, I began to feel relieved in my soul.
Silently I prayed, “Preserve me oh Lord, for in thee do I put my trust”. My heart was anything but at peace. It was as if the hand of God had touched me. I felt my heartbeats slowly as I closed my eyes to let the memories best left alone, as I sleep.

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